Salads and Wraps


Caesar Salad                                               R 65

A delicious Caesar dressing on a bed of greens, cherry tomatoes and cucumber. Topped with Parmesan cheese, anchovies. Garnished with croutons.

Add Chicken/avo/egg/haloumi/bacon     R 30


Indo-Asian Salad                                        R 65

Roast butternut cubes, creamy feta cheese, brown lentils, topped with coriander, shredded carrot, avocado slices and pumpkin seeds served on a bed of greens.


Cajun Chicken Salad                                 R 65

Mixed garden of greens, avocado, lightly roasted pepper dews, grilled auberge, sprinkled with feta.



Vegetable Wrap                     R 65

Grilled mushrooms, Mexican salsa, Haloumi cheese and homemade baby marrow goujons.


Bacon & Haloumi                   R72

Grilled, tomato, mayo & salsa.


Basil Pesto Chicken                R78

Mixed greens, avocado, feta Finished with a herb dressing.

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